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Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Caroline Tattersfield

Marketing Black Theatre in Non-Urban, Predominantly White Communities

Historically American theatre has fiercely promoted white theatre-makers at the expense of Black artists. American theatre has made a long-term investment in sustaining the portrayal of whiteness by granting privileges and favor to White playwrights. Historically, Black theatre has not been equally represented on the American theatre landscape due to being described by White American scholars as “sub-par, reactionary, and anti-intellectual” because it hasn’t always been universally “recognized as a site of theorization” (Johnson). From the Black perspective, Black theatre is seen as a supporting force that sustains Black culture. As Stuart Hall asserts, Black theatre emphasizes that “it is only through the way in which we present and imagine ourselves that we know how we are constituted and who we are” (Hall). This project was designed in order to identify the marketing strategies that professional and university theatres in predominantly White, non-urban areas used to promote productions of plays written by Black playwrights. I seek to uncover the marketing methods theatres used to; promote messages of racial injustice toward Black people and prepare White audience members to be in a space that criticizes their historical role in perpetuating racism in America. This research is relevant to the Bucknell Department of Theatre and Dance because Black theatre that contains subjects of racism that criticize White audiences has yet to be studied in depth in a scholarly context.

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Monday, April 4th, 2022

Qian Qian Mei

Printing Awareness: Endangered Species and A Piece of the Bigger Picture
In the history of Earth, the planet has gone through five mass extinctions, where at least
60% of the species were wiped out within a million years. Some scientists have stated that the earth is currently going through its sixth mass extinction. Currently, there are over 15,000 endangered species and over 11,000 that are vulnerable due to different anthropogenic disturbances such as habitat loss or pollution. Many studies have shown the effects of these disturbances to animal populations and the resulting implications in the rapid decline of species’ population numbers.
Printing Awareness: Endangered Species and A Piece of the Bigger Picture is a printmaking project that incorporates 24 linoleum blocks to depict the endangered species – reptiles, birds, mammals, mussels – in the state of Pennsylvania. Each block can be a standalone piece, but when all the blocks are placed together, they form the map of the state, highlighting the many endangered species in Pennsylvania. This work is inspired by artists Sue Coe, Asher Jay, Mark Cawood, Banksy, Andy Warhol and their works advocating for animals, as well as Chuck Close’s gridded portraits.
Many people, including artists, have spoken out about the detrimental effects of human
activity on the environment. My printmaking project aims to raise awareness for the numerous endangered species in Pennsylvania, and to give them a spotlight and voice. As humans, we play a role in their endangerment, however we can also play a role in their conservation.

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